Reaz Hoque - Bad Client or Bad Situation?

If you are a small business owner, you know it can be hard not to run into at least a few bad clients over the years. Have you ever looked deeper into this problem however? To maintain a happy, healthy business, let our smart app help you gain new customers. With Pulse 24/7 (CEO Reaz Hoque), you can attract new clients while retaining current ones. Allow us to take care over and share your calendar via SMS to clients while you’re out there providing outstanding customer service!   


Book Your Hair Salon for Holiday Season - Reaz Hoque

The holiday season is here. You have prepared your house for various family visitors. You bought all the kid’s Christmas presents. You even planned out your holiday meals ahead of time.But is your Hair Salon ready for the holidays?It better be, for this time can be one of the most lucrative of the year if correctly prepared for.
first step in maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction during the holiday season is to offer seasonal promotions and sales. The slight cutback in profit will be made up for by the extra influx of people coming into your salon.Reaz Hoque is CEO and founder of Boston NYE party.

Reaz Hoque

Reaz Hoque is a a multi disciplinary business technologist.He is CEO of the Boston NYE party and manage all the SYNERGY events.He participating actively in all buisness events and also organized charity functions.Reaz has traveled the world doing workshops and speeches while still in college as the youngest evangelists on the Netscape team.

New Year Eve Party Boston

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